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Tofino Seafood

Traditionally Caught & Sustainably Sourced

Fresh Tofino Seafood

The pacific ocean offers a wide variety of seafood not found in other parts of the world. The ice cold waters create an environment that allow the fish to develop into some of Canada’s best seafood.  

We have a storefront in Tofino BC and provide our Fresh seafood to be purchased by residents, visitors, and restaurants/businesses.  

Tofino Seafood by Naas Foods
Fresh Salmon Caught in Tofino

Our Seafood Selection

Fresh Halibut in Tofino


Fresh & Frozen Available 

Chinook Salmon (Suuhaa)

Fresh & Frozen Available

Lingcod in Tofino BC

Ling Cod

Fresh & Frozen Available 

Coho Salmon in Tofino BC

Coho Salmon

Fresh & Frozen Available

Albacore Tuna in Tofino BC by Naas Foods

Albacore Tuna

Fresh & Frozen Available 

Rock Fish

Fresh & Frozen Available 

Sport Fish Processing

If you are a local fisherman or have a haul you caught during a guided trip, we offer sport fish processing of salmon, tuna, crab, rockfish and other popular species caught in the area. 

If you require sport fish processing in Tofino, BC, please call us for quick service or fill out the form below to email us. 

Sport fish processing in Tofino BC
The best seafood in tofino british columbia

Interested In Our Seafood or Proccessing?

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